FTF Engineering | Solyndra Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility
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Solyndra Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility

Location: Fremont, CA

Project Type: Commercial

450 MW capacity solar panel manufacturing facility. The project included a 650,000-square-foot, combined one-story plus interstitial space production facility, and an approximately 113,500-square-foot two-story utility pad and Hazmat area. The project included an adjoining two-story office building. The building was of steel frame construction, with buckling restrained braced frames, founded on a concrete mat foundation with nearly 70,000 cubic yards of concrete. The entire facility is designed to provide immediate occupancy seismic performance. The approximate construction cost, without tools installed, was $350 million. The project was constructed on a fast-tracked basis, with ground breaking to substantial completion/TCO in less than 1 year. [With Degenkolb Engineers]


Commercial, Structural Engineering