Solyndra Solar Panel Manufacturing Facility

Fremont, CA

Size: 763,500 square feet

Cost: $350M

Market: Commercial

Scope: Structural Engineering

To combat the potential of soil liquefaction and differential settlement in a seismic event, the structural design of this 450 MW capacity solar panel manufacturing facility employed concrete fill decks on steel beam and truss framing, all supported on concrete mat foundations. The multi-structure complex included a 650,000-square foot, one-story plus interstitial space production facility, and an approximately 113,500-square foot, two-story utility pad and Hazmat area. The designs also included an adjoining two-story steel frame office building with buckling restrained braced frames. The entire facility was designed to provide immediate occupancy even after a seismic event, and was constructed on a fast-track schedule with ground breaking to substantial completion (TCO) in less than one year. Principal Structural Engineer, John Dal Pino, FTF Principal, while at a previous firm