High Tech Manufacturing Facility

Fremont, CA

Size: 100,000 square feet

Cost: $70M

Market: Commercial

Scope: Structural Engineering

In order to maintain manufacturing operations for a global technology and data storage company, the conversion of an existing tilt-up warehouse and office building into a high-tech manufacturing facility was planned as three separate phases. Efforts involved the demolition of approximately 80% of the existing building and replacement with a new two-story structure founded on drilled concrete piers. The entire project was designed to provide immediate occupancy/essential facility seismic performance. Design of the steel structure utilized deep trusses that spanned over 100 feet, creating a column-free space in the Class 10 cleanroom. MEP equipment and process systems for the cleanroom were located in interstitial spaces above and in a yard to the south of the building. Principal Structural Engineer, John Dal Pino, FTF Principal, while at a previous firm