900 Minnesota Street

San Francisco, CA

Size: 40,000 square feet

Cost: $3M, estimated

Market: Institutional

Scope: Construction Means & Methods

UC San Francisco’s site for its student housing development is located next to a Caltrans overpass that supports a 10-lane freeway. FTF’s excavation shoring designs for this housing development accounted for a subterranean basement over an approximately 200-foot x 200-foot area. While typical cantilevering steel soldier beams and wood lagging had been proposed, the FTF team determined that a 6-foot on center placement would minimize lateral tip deflection and negate the need for tieback anchors, which are a costly and time-consuming additional step. The site’s proximity to this significant public overpass also influenced footing locations, depths, any potential impact/surcharge on the bulkhead.