Holiday 2016 Newsletter

Dear FTF Friends,

In 2016, the Bay Area economy has roared along, and thanks to you, our clients and friends, FTF has enjoyed another very successful year. For this we are grateful, and want to say thanks.

But we also see people every day who are left out of this economy, for a multitude of complex reasons. We want to help them find what they need to live healthy, productive and prosperous lives.

So this Holiday Season, in lieu of gifts to clients and friends, we have combined success with compassion, and donated $10,000 to Larkin Street Youth Services, a 30-year non-profit institution with a proven track record of serving homeless youth, and graduating them to independent lives.


Larkin St Youth

We hope this message finds you also giving thanks and giving back. And we hope to hear from you in 2017 or sooner. Happy Holidays!

Thank you for your support,
FTF Engineering