High Tech Manufacturing Facility

Location: California

Project Type: Commercial

Conversion of a concrete tilt-up warehouse and office building into a high-tech manufacturing facility with a Class 10 Cleanroom. The work involved the demolition of approximately 80% of the existing building and replacement with a new two-story steel frame structure founded on drilled concrete piers. The steel structure is configured with story deep trusses that span the width of the building (over 100 feet) to create a column-free space in the cleanroom. MEP equipment and process systems for the cleanroom are located in the interstitial space above the cleanroom and in a yard to the south of the building. The project is constructed in three phases to address budget and manufacturing schedules, as well as the impact on the existing building, which is to remain in operation throughout construction. The entire facility is designed to provide immediate occupancy/essential facility seismic performance. The project budget is approximately $70 million. [With Degenkolb Engineers]