Kaiser Medical Centers Northern California

Location: Northern California

Project Type: Healthcare

The Seismic Evaluation and Strengthening Program for Kaiser Medical Centers determined which facilities in Kaiser’s Northern California acute care medical center building inventory required seismic upgrade, the extent of the seismic work, and established priorities for upgrading. The scope of work focused on the medical centers in Oakland, Redwood City, Santa Clara and Hayward. The project also included the schematic structural design of strengthening measures and the planning for future post-earthquake inspections. [With Degenkolb Engineers]

Kaiser Medical Center San Francisco

Location: San Francisco

Project Type: Healthcare

Seismic upgrade, renovation and expansion of Kaiser Foundation Health Plan’s San Francisco Medical Center, a 190,000 square-foot acute care hospital. The renovation provided 122 new inpatient beds and additional space for hospital support services. The building, a seven-story, concrete and steel frame structure, was built in three stages beginning in 1952. The upgrade construction cost was approximately $73 million. The project included a nine-story elevator tower addition. One of the first OSHPD-approved voluntary seismic upgrade under IR-23.

Through detailed planning and conversations with all stakeholders (administration, doctors, nurses and patient advocates), construction was phased vertical, with work moving from bottom to top, two stories at a time. The disruption to the hospital was minimized and the center remained in operation. Some operations remained on site, and some were moved off-site to create room for construction. Worked with hospital staff (through actual testing) to determine the level of noise and vibration disruption that could be tolerated, and then adjusted design details and construction processes accordingly. [With Degenkolb Engineers]